Create a floating headshot in Canva

First impressions are everything in a crowded space.

Get personal with your followers and let’s change out that logo as your page profile photo! Grab my Canva template below & create your floating headshot with Canva.

Get my floating headshot template by clicking the image above.

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Take a photo

You may already have a good photo you can use as a headshot without realizing it. An ideal headshot has good lighting with your friendly, smiling face. Even if the background is less than desirable, open up the template to attempt to remove the background in Canva. If this photo doesn’t work, stand outside or in front of a window and hit the timer on your phone on a ring light, stand to snap a photo.
Don’t let perfectionism take over when completing this step.


Upload your photo to canva

Upload your headshot into Canva. Then, drag your photo into the circle frame in step one—no need to resize the image.


Change the color background to match your business branding

Choose a color that is in contrast with your headshot top. We want your headshot to stand out against the background.


Update your url & branding font

Share your website with ease with anyone who clicks your profile photo. Make sure your font is clear and easy to read.


Put it all together

Copy your photo from Step One and paste it into Step Two. You will want to line up your headshot with the bottom portion of the circle to the best of your ability. If any elements cover your photo, right-click and bring the photo to the front.


Download the file & upload it to social media

Download your headshot as a transparent file and upload it to your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile. Update the caption to include a link to your website and other relevant business information.


So what

Get personal with your customers and immediately invite them into your business with a friendly face. Take advantage of your profile photo’s real estate by adding your URL!

Create your floating headshot & share with me inside our closed Facebook community here.

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