Increase your Conversion Rate with SEZZLE

SEZZLE is an excellent add-on to your website. It encourages customers to spend more while only paying 25% the day of purchase. They will pay another 25% every 2 weeks, interest - free! You pay a 6% Fee. This is double the standard website rate of 3%.

Higher fee but….

it may close a sale that you otherwise may have lost.

To start:

To sign up for SEZZLE, you need to have an established website. Their company will visit your site to verify. Things they are looking for range from no trademarked items privacy policy posted + products on your site to show you are doing business. I do not recommend rushing to apply until you have finished building your site.

  1. Download the app and get to work on the Merchant Checklist.
  2. Enable SEZZLE as a payment gateway on your online store.
  3. Ensure you have contact info, products listed, and a way to checkout for customers (ensure Shopify plan is selected).
  4. Link your bank account to receive payments.
  5. To instantly receive payouts, switch to "Automatic Withdrawal Plan."

    SEZZLE does offer an interest-building account; however, I don't recommend leaving your money in this account, Venmo, or PayPal, as they aren't FDIC insured. That means if your account gets hacked…. sorry about your luck.

    Free game:

    Set your SEZZLE minimum to match your AOV found within your shop. To be able to use SEZZLE, customers will need to spend your AOV to be eligible to use, which organically increases your AOV over time :) Email SEZZLE support to set the minimum. Post the minimum in your shop’s announcement bar.

    Re-access + resent minimum quarterly.

    *This blog contains an affiliate link.

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