Optimizing your tech stack

can make running your business smoother and more streamlined. Below I share my top 5 tech choices for running an e-commerce business. Below are my affiliate links in which I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

I am a customer and avid believer in all five of these companies.

Email Service Provider


FloDesk has an intuitive, drag & drop email builder perfect for beginner to advance email marketers. FloDesk is one set price regardless of the number of subscribers you have. You won't get penalized as you grow.

Try FloDesk for 30 days Free & your first year at 50% OFF.

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Graphic Editor


I log into my Canva account everyday to create new product mock-ups, email banners, website graphics, email signatures, PDFs... the list goes on. It is easy to use and allows you to bring your brand to life online.

Try the Free trial today.

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Tax Organization

Paper + Spark

I've been a customer since 2018. Janet's spreadsheets are my one stop solution to keeping my business expenses in order while knowing the pulse of my business at any given time.

Buy her spreadsheet once & use it again year after year.

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Point of Sale


Whether you sell e-commerce or digital products, Shopify is my #1 platform of choice. From it's versatility to unlimited apps for every situation, Shopify makes it possible for anyone to invest in their portion of the internet owned by them.

Try Shopify for free for 3 days. Don't pay until you are ready to launch.

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Scheduling tool


Utilize CinchShare as your idea hub, storage area, social media plan and archive. If you desire to post to more than one social media outlet, this all-in-one scheduling tool needs to be top of your list.

Try CinchShare 14 days Free.

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