1 | Slow Sales During the "J" Months


All business owners experience slow seasons, one time or another. For creative sellers, our slow season typically comes during the "J" months: January, June & July. Instead of pushing your offer harder during this time, consider the following:

  • Reduce Turn-Around Time (TAT)
  • Increase serving your customers
  • Embrace the boring
  • Destash the stash
  • Review your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Revisit your why
  • Take a break

7 Pivot Tasks

  1. Find which process (or lack thereof) or product is reducing your TAT. Start ordering your products on the same day every week for routine or create two TATs based on product or Ready to Ship (RTS).
  2. Schedule these four questions out over the next month in your Facebook group community as a poll, for Would You Rather Wednesday?
    1. Would you rather always have to put your hair in a fancy hairstyle before you left the house or never be able to brush your hair again?
    2. Would you rather be the fastest runner in the world or the fastest talker?
    3. Would you rather go back to middle school or high school?
    4. Would you rather trade places with Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock?
  3. If you struggle with keeping up with your business financial records, I highly recommend checking out a Seller's Spreadsheet from Paper + Spark. The best part is they are a one-time expense which means you can reuse them year after year.
  4. If you haven’t kept a record of your current inventory to make tax time that much easier, check out an Inventory Spreadsheet from Paper + Spark.
  5. Visit the analytics section of your website. Write down the following metrics for the last six months: Conversion Rate, Traffic & Average Order Value. Compare the numbers for each month. Did you offer a different product? Were you showing up consistently? Sometimes during the slow months, we don’t need to change everything. Instead, figure out how to do more of what works.
  6. Head to Canva. Search “Vision Board” and create your own. Save it, and set it as your desktop background. Share your vision board with us on Facebook.
  7. Plan a weekend getaway or a full day off. Silence your social media and emails. Create a bucket list of things in your local area you or your family have wanted to do. Commit to doing one per month.

The slower seasons can allow you to regroup; otherwise, you may not have had time. Can you clean up the office? Streamline your ordering process? This season will not last long, and you will come out of it stronger!

Which pivot task will you work on first? Share in the comments or make a post on Facebook to invite accountability.


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