Three Parties to Grow Your Small Business

Online parties are an incredible way to grow your business

an online party comprises of three entities: yourself, the host, and their guests. All individuals benefit from an online party. The host earns store credit from party sales. The guests experience a good time while shopping for great deals. You increase sales and new customers through the host's efforts.

Before you jump in, you have a few decisions regarding what kind of party you will choose: tee party, tee-ny party, or a power half-hour partee.

Each of the three parties is unique in its own way.

tee party

The first party is the longest duration party on the menu. It lasts from 4-6 days. The length of the party is typically dependent on the number of products offered. For example, you can run 20 products a day with a 6-day party that allows for one day for an intro, three days of 20 products, one day to find your next host and have them join your VIP group, and one day to close all of your sales.

This party can pay some serious dividends with the amount of time spent together to build the like, know and trust factor before converting a sale. You are giving your new audience a chance to know you. Customers aren’t just buying a product, they are buying you! Give them a chance to get to know you and show them your amazing customer service/hospitality skills.

Interaction and games are the core of the party that really can make your break the outcome of the party.

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What do you get when a Tee party and power half-hour have a baby?

tee-ny party

Our second kind of party is the newest on the scene. It is the perfect balance between the Tee Party and Power Half Hour Partee. This party runs for three days (it is a tiny tee party *cough cough* tee-ny party). It has minimal games and interaction (between 2-3). There are fewer products shared, with 40 being the magic number.

This party takes place in a Facebook group similar to the Tee Party. Start the party on Thursday to take advantage of party-goers typically being more active on weekdays. Then, give them Saturday to catch up and place their order before closing.

Another feature that makes Tee-ny parties fun is the “pick your adventure” aspect for the host. Send the host a graphic in which she will pick her theme. Remember those "either-or" books we got growing up, full of quizzes? We are bringing that to the online party world. At the end of the party, make sure the guests know what choice the host had to make. Ask them if they would have chosen the same or gone with the other option. Your curious Georges of the group will be highly interested in seeing what would have happened if she chose the other theme. *insert your next host*

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power half hour partee

Want to run multiple parties in one day? If so, power half hour partees will be your go-to for a quick injection of cash back into your business. Unlike the other parties, this party occurs in a group chat via Facebook Messenger. Interaction and games ARE NOT your friends with this party style. 

We want less talky, more shoppy. 

Post 10-20 products in 30 minutes into this party chat. Then, give the guests 24 hours to make their selection and pay.

This party style is perfect for those prospective hosts you aren't quite sure you want to invest a week of your time on. The ones that nickel and dime you. The ones who are ghost-town in your VIP group. The ones who didn't engage in their friend's party. You name it. The power half hour requires minimal preparation and investment if the host isn't a good fit, no hard feelings. If the host kills it, invite them to move on to a tee or tee-ny party next, especially if they have bomb friends! 

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so what

We all have different likes and dislikes when running a business. For example, some of you like to engage with your customers and get to know them more, while others are like, "show me the money!"

Online parties play an integral role in growing your business. Not only does it have the power to drive sales in a new way, but it brings you your next, forever customer.

Not sure where to start? That is where Queen B + I come into play. We have party graphics and scripts for all three-party styles.

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