Mystery Host Tee Party: Part 1 / Background

Looking to spruce up your product-based business to generate new leads and increase your conversion rate? A Mystery Host Tee Party is just what your business needs!

Before diving into Mystery Host Tee Parties, you must have a baseline understanding of a traditional Tee Party.

A tee party is an online event hosted by a friend/family member or loyal customer that features discounts on products in three different categories, all through the convenience of Facebook groups. Then, you will orchestrate this entire week of fun! By inviting their friends along with them, hosts can earn store credits and free rewards just for hosting - making it far more fun than the regular scroll of your website! If one of their party-goers signs up to host a party, the host will get a bonus reward (pro tip: don't give out the reward until the referral host actually hosts their party).

The tee party flow repeats from there.

no host, no problem

You may be thinking, but I don't have anyone that wants to host? That is where Mystery Host parties come into play.

You don't need a host!

Everyone who participates in the party will earn their chance at winning 10-15% of the party sales at the end back in store credit. Instead of giving prizes or discounts for winning games; instead, you can grant them additional entries into the drawing.

See below for a comparison between a traditional Tee Party & a Mystery Host Tee Party:

Mystery Host Tee Party

  • No Host

  • VIP Business Facebook group

  • Game Prizes: Discount, physical gifts & party points

  • 10-15% total sales as store credit

  • 6 days (Tues-Sun)

  • 60 products (3 categories)

  • 1 party graphic theme

Traditional Tee Party

  • Host

  • New Facebook group

  • Game Prizes: Discount & physical gifts

  • 10-15% total sales as store credit

  • 6 days (Tues-Sun)

  • 60 products (3 categories)

  • 1 party graphic theme

Before you start, there are a few things you will want to have on hand/figured out:

  • Facebook VIP Group (same as your business one)

    • The party will take place in your standard VIP group. Don’t lose participants by creating a new Facebook group only for the party. Bring the party to them.

  • Party Graphic theme

  • Party Structure

    • Get your matching Tee Party Planner to walk you through step-by-step to create & schedule your party. If you want to take it a step further, run the matching Content Calendar for 3 weeks of the month and throw a matching Mystery Host party for one of those weeks.

  • Party Date (choose a Tuesday)

    • Put the date on the calendar! If you don’t set a date, you will continuously put it off wishing you had started sooner.

so what

In the next blog, we will discuss how to set up & sell during your Mystery Host party. For now, I recommend you snag the new Pets Pawty Tee Party Planner Pack with four parties in one!

Tell me below, when are you going to throw your next Mystery Host Party?

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