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Social Gathering TEEny Party Planner & 66 Party Graphics

Social Gathering TEEny Party Planner & 66 Party Graphics

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Plan your next TEEny Party with ease with the Social Gathering TEEny Party Planner! Let your host choose between an ice cream soiree or an intimate tea party. With an eye for all the details and options, this party planner will have you ready to rock in no time!

Give your host the choice for their 4-day party! Remember the Pick Your Adventure books when you were younger? The TEEny Parties are bringing back that excitement.

Send your host the "Host Your Own Teeny Party" graphic. Depending on what they choose will determine their party theme. Draw new hosts in at the end of the party by asking them the same question. Pique their curiosity with what the other party choice would have included.

This purchase includes 66 graphics for two sets (ice cream social and tea party).

Graphics required

The "Tee Party Planner" listing DOES NOT include the unwatermarked graphics. To receive unwatermarked graphics with your purchase, select the "+ Graphics" option.

Purchase your graphics as a standalone listing directly from Queen B Graphics & Design.

Product Contents

  • 1 Google Sheet file
  • 2 CinchShare folders
  • 2 Party Scripts (TEEny Party script catered to each theme)
  • 1 Party Tracker
  • Unique tutorials to that party script

Fulfillment time

You will receive a PDF with link(s) to directly access your content. Be on the lookout for an email from "Sun Kissed VA" after you receive your order confirmation email.

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