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A brand kit is a central place within Canva where you can store your logos, colors, and fonts. Then, quickly apply your brand kit to any graphic. This feature is available for those with a Canva Pro account. You will have the ability to promptly flip any template into your brand style.

Let’s start with the three features you will find within Canva’s Brand Kit.


It is great to have a variety of branding marks for your business. These logos can vary in color, shape, size, and wording. When it comes to different colors, create an inverse of every logo you make. You should ensure a variation that works on both a white and a black background. For instance, if your logo is black and red, what if you want to add it to a dark mock-up? Now you can't read the dark letters. To fix this, change the black to white. Wa-la, inverse item! When you download your logo, check "transparent logo" to remove the unnecessary white space behind your graphic. If you have one for mass watermarking graphics, go ahead and add your complete watermark overlay here.

There are three prominent branding marks I recommend building and adding to your Brand Kit:


This is your primary logo seen on the majority of your branding items. I highly recommend a rectangular-shaped logo for your primary logo regarding placement on your website and ease of reading. Create a 500x144 px canvas to begin. 


The alternate logo will appease those who prefer a square canvas for their logo. Start with a 500x500 px canvas. This will contain the same wording. However, you can move it around to make it fit the design space.


Think of your sub mark as your watermark. This may only contain the acronym of your business or only the first letter of your business name. Use this to create a watermark to identify your work where a full logo may not be appropriate. 


Still don't have your brand colors nailed down? Start with "Add and discover palettes" in the Brand Kit to get inspo. Another great place to check is Pinterest by searching mood boards. Finally, note the HEX identifiers, which are six characters long. No matter what platform you are working with, use your unique HEX code to stay on brand.

You can create multiple color palettes within your brand kit. Want to make a holiday mix without forgetting for next year? Your brand kit is a perfect place to store it.


You can choose up to three fonts to add to your brand kit. Select from the vast array of options Canva has or upload your own. ETSY has a lot of great alternatives. As you pick your three, remember these do not lock you into a five-year commitment. Once you start applying, you may decide you want to change up the order or the font type in its entirety.


Select either a template or pre-built editable graphic. Then, look to the left from a desktop until you find the "Styles" button. 

  1. Click your fonts. Watch them take over the template. You must adjust the font individually if you want to change the font beyond the primary application.
  2. Click your color palette. Watch your graphic adjust to your branding scheme. Don't like the color display and placement? Click your color palette again to watch your colors rotate. Continue to cycle until you are happy with the layout.
  3. Now it's time to add your logo. Scroll down to the button that says "Logos" in the same pane you found "Styles." Click to add to the graphic. Resize as needed.

so what

Getting your logo, colors and branded fonts on the content you produce for your business shouldn’t be difficult. Every day that I work on my business, I log into Canva. It is the one of the few monthly subscriptions I highly recommend business owners subscribe to monthly.

To sign-up for your own Canva Pro account, You can create an account here. One month is $12.95 or pays for the whole year for $119.40.

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