Top Five Fav Features: Canva Pro

I loveee Canva Pro! It is $12.99/mo + boy do I use the heck out of that subscription.

My website is even brought to you by…. Canva Pro :)

Favorite Features

Brand kit:

Click “Brand Kit” from your Home Page. Here you can upload all your logo variations, color palette + brand fonts. Once you have finished, pick a premade design. Click “Styles.” Click your fonts and color palette. Watch the graphic transform into your branding theme.

If you are not a fan of the colors, click the color palette again to cycle through more options.

Ready to add that logo. Select “Logos” from that same menu column to quickly drop your watermark.



Click “All your folders” from your Home Page. Upload multiple different categories of items you want to keep together. Then, easily access them from your design space without uploading them again.

Transparent option:

Need to get rid of that white background on your logo? “Create a design,” followed by selecting a logo size. Upload your logo and fit it into the space. Select the logo and click “Edit image.” Finally, click “Background Remover.”

Too much of your logo removed? Use the Restore feature to highlight areas you want to be seen again over the image.

Select “Download” + check “transparent background”.

Interactive videos:

Want to take your essential store info to the next level in your Tee Party or Business group? Grab Queen B’s info posts. Then, add them all to a 3000 x 3000 new project.

Add text as desired and click “Animate.” Download as an MP4 Video. Double-check your video speed settings. Give your customers a chance to read <3

Personalize Queen B’s editables:

Queen B is ramping up the editable graphics she provides in her downloads. She gives the Canva Template with the majority of her collections. Once you click, you can bring it up to edit with your style from the Brand Kit we created. We can store all of her templates in one place. Download the template as transparent if needed. Finally, you can spruce up your graphics by turning them into animation.

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