Get Ready For Your First Tee Party

Whoah, there hot stuff….you didn’t think I would tell you how to start right away, did you?

We got some ground rules to cover first. Tee Parties can catch on fire fast! Let’s not set fire to our own business by starting before being prepared.

Is your business foundation established?

You will need to have the basics down first of running a business before taking on more orders than you can handle. It’s best to make sure you can provide a solid, quality product before losing a customer during your first impression.

Ask yourself these questions below:


  • Have friends and family tested my product?
  • What was their feedback?
  • Does my product withstand multiple washes?
  • Would they buy from me to give someone as a gift because it's that good?


  • Where do I order shirts?
  • How long does it take?
  • What colors are generally out of stock?
  • Where do I order vinyl? Sublimation Ink? Screen Prints?

    • How long does it take that vendor to ship?
    • What is their current inventory?
    • That may work for VIP, but does that work for my Tee Party price point and TAT?


  • How do I send invoices?
  • Have I registered with my state to legally collect and remit sales tax?
  • How do I package orders?
  • How do I fold properly?
  • Do I have care cards? Business cards?
  • Do I have the basics down of how a Facebook Group works? If I have a Shopify, do I know the way around the admin side of my shop and basic troubleshooting?

Geez, I don’t have all of this figured out. That’s OKAY! We all started somewhere. The only difference between us is some experience, research, and trial/error. Take the time to search YouTube and join “Shirt Making” help groups to refine your processes. Then, I can pick up and start helping you <3.

Ohhh…. you passed the above with flying colors? Well, okay then, let’s get started!

Queen B Graphics:

All of my resources are built from the fantastic graphics Queen B creates. I specialize in putting her graphics to work, so purchasing an individual collection or the whole drive requires utilizing my Tee Party Planner and Content Calendars. I will verify her order history before fulfilling your order.


Branding is key to establishing your business. You want brand recognition. Many like to switch their logo and colors frequently (I was that person before), but it is crucial to stick to one set of colors, logo, and roughly the same fonts.

Think about McDonald's, Google, Old Navy... if you see a group of colors, you can most likely recognize via association which company it is. Do they have Holiday specials? YES, but they don't entirely take down their signs and replace them with a holiday logo. Instead, they ADD to their brand for a season and revert to their old logo.

Your logo is important!

  • Is it easy to read? Does it convey what your craft is? Please send it to a few friends and family and ask them for their honest opinion.
  • Save your logo as a transparent file (without the white background) for a cleaner, professional, finished watermarked graphic.

Color/Size Charts:

Whether you plan to sell in a FB Group or via a Website, you NEED to have a visual for your customers for what colors they can pick.

The size chart is a CYR (Cover Your Rear) to help alleviate customer complaints about the tee’s fit. With that, I always tell them the percentage of cotton. As a customer, I always ask the cotton count as that is what I use to decide on the size I will purchase.

I recommend browsing ETSY for your color chart. Make sure that the vendor has all the styles you want to offer your guests.

About Me:

It's essential to connect with your customers. You can do this with an about me. Tell them who you are, where you are from, your interests, etc. Give them something to relate to. 

Put yourself in a new customers' shoes at a party that a friend just invited them to. They don't know you. They don't know how awesome you are or your products yet.

This is a great way to connect with them before the selling starts. Build rapport!

If you have read this far, I know that means you are an honor student so, here is extra credit:

Shirt Categories:

I recommend running 60 tees a week with my party plan, with 20 products posted each day. SAY WHATTTTT? THAT’S A LOT! Stick with me here….

The goal is to build up 20 shirts in different shirt categories. If you are using other vendors, make sure you annotate that. I recommend sticking with 1-2 vendors max for each party! Over time, you will have a handful of categories to run a party with, watermarked + ready to go. These categories will come in handy soon.

You will send your list to your host and let her pick three. One for each day of tees (Wed-Fri). This will ensure you provide tees that will work best for her friend group.

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