Normalize serving before selling

If you're a small business owner, chances are you're always looking for ways to increase sales and boost your bottom line.

But sometimes, the best way to do that is by serving your customers instead of trying to sell to them all the time. Here's what I mean... Focus on connection first. See customers as people with needs rather than dollar signs. Build relationships and create a community around your business, product, or service. When you make people feel valued and unique, they're more likely to want to buy from you. And that's how you really boost sales in the long run!

So next time you feel like it's all about the numbers, remember to take a step back and normalize serving first. Your customers - and your bottom line - will thank you for it!


As a business owner, it’s important to see customers as people first and foremost.

It is essential to remember that customers are people first and foremost. It sounds like a no-brainer, but when you get into the grind of selling, it is possible to lose sight of it. Building genuine relationships with them should be the foundation of your approach, not solely trying to generate sales. This can be done through activities such as hosting virtual ‘tee-parties’, where people come together to shop for t-shirts or other products of interest. Interacting with customers directly on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to engage with potential buyers can create a more personal connection between yourself and your customers, which will, in turn, lead to more successful sales down the line.


Don’t try to sell to your customers right away - focus on building a connection with them.

Creating a strong connection with customers should be one of the primary focus points when running your business, as emphasizing like-know-trust factor will most likely result in healthier and longer customer relationships. Aim to engage with them 80% of the time and only ‘sell’ 20% of the time - build relationships by asking your customers questions to get to know them better. Pay attention to their needs and preferences and build a relationship with a foundation of respect. It's all about having fun while engaging with your customers - creating conversations leading you further down the road of understanding and trust between both parties. Once you have established this trust, they will be more apt to listen to what you have to offer them.


See customer service as an opportunity to create a lasting relationship, not just a one-time transaction.

See customer service as an opportunity to create lasting relationships, not just a one-time transaction. You may be surprised that you may make lifelong friends through your journey as a small business owner. Your customers may eventually grow into a brand rep or affiliate relationship as well in which they are helping you grow your business! Taking care of customers rather than seeing them only as a dollar sign can change your quick sale mindset into the opportunity for a long-term partnership with mutual gain.


Always be friendly and helpful, even if the customer isn’t buying anything.

Always kill your customers with kindness and ensure you’re being friendly and helpful—even if they aren’t buying anything. Leave behind an impression that will last, where the customer was given an enjoyable experience and left feeling cared for and respected. Now there is a balance between being kind and being walked over by those blatantly disrespecting your business or other customers. Strive to protect your business, but this can be done in a respectful manner when removing the individual with professionalism. Put effort into normalizing serving your customers instead of trying to sell to them, focusing on the connection over monetary gain whenever possible. Doing so will distinguish you from many businesses that don’t prioritize this idea and may even help build recognition of your name within the community.


remember that every customer is valuable, no matter how much they spend.

Business growth isn't just about sales. Remember that any engagement from customers is valuable in the long run - don't forget that even customers who may not be spending large sums can still help you by spreading word of mouth or sharing your business with their friends. A great way to do this is by showing up to your Tee Parties out of abundance without the pressure of selling. When you show up more light-hearted, you will notice how much easier it is to be genuinely in the moment for each day. In the end, engagement grows and sustains companies more steadily than quick-money sales tactics.


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As a business owner, it's vitally important to connect with customers first and sell second. When you serve your customers first, you create lasting relationships that really add up in the long run. Put customer service at the forefront of your business and look for ways to improve every single day. Always be friendly and helpful, as that can make all the difference in how customers perceive your brand. Remember: each customer is just as important as the next, no matter how much they spend. Finally, never forget why you set out on this journey - to create a legacy more than just making a quick buck!

Tell me below, how do you focus on serving first and selling second?

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