What in the World is a Tee Party?

You have repeatedly heard about tee parties, but you still aren't sure exactly what it is. Is it an event? At a house? Are we drinking something? Rest assured, I started just like you. After reading this blog, you will feel enlightened, empowered, and ready to start.

online party

A tee party is an online party held on a social media platform. I recommend a Facebook Group dedicated to the party. You will offer your products, play games, and engage. Typically, the party runs between 4-6 days. Who is your center of attention?

party host

Your host is a friend, family member, loyal customer, or top contributor. The host gets to pick out their party theme (branded graphic set) and product categories they would like to see during their party. In addition, they receive a percentage of total party sales back as store credit. The hostess reward creates an incentive for them to maximize their sales. So, who is shopping at this party?

party guests

The hosts invite their friends and family to the party. They should ask the people they would invite to their house for a party. This creates an intimate vibe. In addition, there is a high likelihood they will invite those who love supporting them and will love your product. You can offer your guests a party discount that is a limited-time offer to create a sense of urgency when they shop.

so what

Tee Parties are not dependent on you, your host, + your guests all being in the same place. You can conveniently meet them online, from the comfort of their own homes. Tee Parties are no longer a mysterious concept that only those that have been in business for years conduct. Want to take a peek into what kind of content makes up a Tee Party?

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