Club of creative sellers ready to streamline their online business

Weekly product drops prepared for your t-shirt business

Creating weekly product drops without a system is painful...

but it doesn't have to be. Does this sound like you?

  • "Oh shoot, Halloween is already next week? I completely forgot to release tees for that."
  • "I don't have time to create listings on my website to offer new products."
  • "I have difficulty finding products to offer my audience."
  • STOP

    missing opportunities to sell seasonal items.

  • STOP

    building your product listings one-by-one.

  • STOP

    spending hours trying to find the right products to offer your audience.

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Introducing the Product Drop Organizer Club

Weekly product drops done-for-you

Streamline your weekly product runs, kick up your email marketing and learn about new tools along the way.

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Product Drop Organizer Club

Product Drop Organizer Club

  • 80-100 Product Mock-ups (either Screen Prints or Digitals to order directly in DTF)
  • Shopify CSV to import all listings with photos directly to Shopify within minutes
  • Wix CSV to import all listings with photos directly toΒ Wix within minutes
  • 20-25 Product Sales Post captions for social media
  • CinchShare folder loaded with drops
  • Email Templates
  • Training Resource Hub
  • Monthly PDF with weekly product drops and observances at a glance ready to print
  • Canva Template calendar to pin to your social media highlighting monthly drops
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    • TIME

      The one resource we can't get more of. There is a high likelihood you started this business to create the life you want, not be pulled farther away from your loved ones.

    • Training

      Add new techniques and procedures to your resource library by learning from various experts in the industry with topics ranging from SEO to Facebook lives to Artificial Intelligence.

    • Tools

      Downloadable resources that streamline your productivity and online tasks.

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    • Mock-ups

      Ready to run screen print mockups formatted and themed to match the weekly run delivered via a zip file

    • CinchShare folder

      Schedule your product offering directly from a pre-formatted folder to grab and go, no additional saving/uploading required.

    • CSV imports

      Import your product listings within minutes directly into your Shopify or Wix website

    • Training Vault

      Sharpen your skills with a topics relevant to your as a creative business owner.

    • email templates

      Pair your social media drops with a themed email that lands directly in your subscribers' inbox.

    • Drop calendar

      Don't worry about trying to figure out what to run. Each month you receive a full month of ideas!

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    • BONUS #1 Google Drive

      Love Google like I do? You will receive your content in one additional place for ease of reference. Oh and it won't expire as long as you are an active club member!

    • BONUS #2 canva mock-up template

      I'll share my exact template with you each month loaded with all of the drops so you can quickly customize!

    • BONUS #3 Private FB group

      Collaborate with other business owners just like you! Don't wait for me to approve as post approvals are turned off!

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    Frequently Asked questions

    What happens if I want to cancel?

    Cancel anytime and remain a member through your current billing period. If your membership is not renewed, you will no longer have access to the membership content.

    Can I share my login details with others?

    No. A membership login account is required for each individual. If you want to receive a corporate rate for 3 more memberships, email

    How do I know if this is right for me?

    If you are t-shirt seller, this membership is perfect for aiding you in your weekly runs and streamlining your business. If you are a creative seller who can theme your items into categories, this membership would also be of benefit to you.

    Will I get access to past trainings and content?

    Yes! There is a library of content available immediately upon joining. Mockups, CSVs and CinchShare folders are maintained for one month prior. On the first, content will be removed from the membership portal.

    If I cancel, can I rejoin at my old rate?

    No. You will need to rejoin at the current rate available. However, if you are a member and the rate increases, you will be locked in at the rate at which you joined.

    Do I need to pay an invoice every month?

    No. If you join as an annual member, you pay once for the year. If you join as a monthly member, your rebilling will auto draft from the account on file on the 15th.