10 | Uncovering AI: Get With It or Get Left Behind


It's 2023, and the future is now. Welcome to a world where AI technology isn't just a future concept—it's at your fingertips. If terms like "Artificial Intelligence" sound like a foreign language, fear not! In this episode, I'll guide you through everything you need to know about AI technology. From the basics to the practical applications for your t-shirt business, consider this your crash course in AI.

Say Hello to AI Technology

AI is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform certain tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Think of search engines, Ring doorbell cameras, self-driving cars and chatbots.

As a small business owner, we are typically one man teams. We could use all the extra help we can get to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

AI Applications & Types

Narrow and Strong Artificial Intelligence are the types we will most likely use the most. They focus on simply tasks such as chatbots, personalized recommendations and auto responders

Challenges and Risks of AI

AI may introduce knew intricacies you haven't experienced before such as linking third party apps. It is crucial you have spelled out all the apps you use in your Privacy Policy so users know where there data may land.

Further, AI can make mistakes. AI is not perfect. It is also possible that AI picks up bias based on information it was originally provided.

Human Touch

AI can't replace you. Isn't that a relief? It doesn't magically complete all tasks and absolve you of all responsibility. It is important that you find how to interweave and intersect your weaknesses with AI.

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