12 | Upgrade Your Logo Profile Picture To a Floating Headshot

The original blog post below was published on Jan 21, 2023. It was updated to a podcast episode on Aug 17, 2023.

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You don't get a second chance at a first impression, not even on social media. An inviting profile picture can invite future customers in before they have read anything about who you are or what you sell.

In this episode, we discuss why using your logo as a profile picture may not be as effective as you think. Don't fear, I will share my EXACT profile picture template so you can create a connection with your floating headshot.

Why Your Logo Might Not Cut It

Personal connection in business is imperative. People Do Business With People. Anyone can create a page and throw up a logo. It doesn't tell the viewer who you are. It leaves little room for connection.

We are born to read facial expression beyond language. A smiling face sets the tone for who you are and what your brand represents.

The Power of a Floating Headshot

A floating headshot is precisely what it sounds like – an image of your lovely face, slightly isolated from the background. This technique makes you the star of the show, drawing attention to your smile, your eyes, and the personality that radiates from your expression.

Customers journey through the like, know and trust path before they make a purchase. Some customers work through this path in a matter of minutes, for others it may take months or years. Your floating headshot starts the customer funnel to liking you, feeling like they get to know you, then ultimately trust you to make a purchase.

Creating Your Floating Headshot

  1. Take a Photo: Use what you have already or prop up your phone to get a headshot straight on or from a slight angle.
  2. Upload to Canva: Grab the Floating Headshot template then upload your photo into Canva.
  3. Customize Background and Colors: Choose one of your brand colors that contrasts with your headshot.
  4. Update URL and Branding: Ensure you use a readable font when you add your website URL.
  5. Assembling the Headshot: Offset the headshot a bit in the template to create an eye-catching, scroll-stopping whimsical effect.
  6. Download and Upload: Save the file as a transparent and upload to your social media channels

So What

Not only will views now feel like they have an invitation to behind the scenes of your brand, but you are also sharing your URL every time you comment on social media.

After you create your floating headshot, share it in the Turn Down The Hustle Facebook Group to show us what you created.

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