4 | Sleigh This Summer with Your Christmas in July Online Event


As t-shirt sellers, we love spreading joy and creativity, and what better way to do that than by embracing the spirit of Christmas in July. It's like having a second dose of holiday cheer right in the middle of summer.

In this episode, we're unwrapping the story behind Christmas in July, from its beginnings as a camp celebration to become a beloved tradition adopted by retailers worldwide. But wait, there's more because we'll also dive into the nitty-gritty of running a successful Christmas in July sale for your t-shirt business, from planning and designing your collections to making intelligent marketing strategies to make your sales stand out.

So, whether you're dreaming of tinsel and mistletoe or want to make your t-shirt business sparkle this summer, this episode is packed with practical tips, inspiring ideas, and a lot of holiday magic. So get ready to sprinkle some of that Christmas spirit onto your t-shirt business as we celebrate Christmas in July together.

The Origins of Christmas in July

Christmas in July is thought to have originated in 1933 at a Girls’ Summer Camp where they celebrate Christmas in July. It resurfaced in Summer 2021 when many families sought to gather after losing time during the holidays of 2020. CIJ is very popular as a retail shopping event, also known as a semi-annual sale.


Why Christmas in July Matters for T-Shirt Sellers

You have the opportunity to bring something new and exciting to your business that maybe others in your area aren’t… even if they are (remember they aren’t you and the world needs you and your business)! CIJ is perfect for a little cash injection in case sales have been slow and get a solid jump start on the Fall season.

Planning Your Christmas in July Sale

For the step-by-step, visit www.sunkissedva.com/CIJ for the Content Calendar with all of your marketing plans. Be sure to set a goal before you start and don’t be afraid to branch out to try new things such as a Messenger Party or Mystery Host party, in lieu of or in addition to the Content Calendar plan.


Implementing Marketing Strategies

Tap into all of your marketing outlets once you have scheduled all of your content and product drops for the week-long event. Create reels, TikToks, schedule IG stories and maybe even a countdown series with your Facebook Group Cover Photo. Your audience needs to know about this event. Reach them directly with the emails provided in the Christmas in July Content Calendar.


Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

It’s time to pull out all of the stops with your customer service during this event. Become the business they love to support. Show up with the Holiday-like spirit full of kindness and generosity and watch how it catches fire and spreads.

Sold out and fully booked is right around the corner. Let’s go to work!


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