From a Confused Hobby to a Confident Brand

You want to take the heat press you got for Christmas + turn it into an actual, functioning business, but you don't know where to start. Everything you read points you in different directions. I wish I had this resource when I was first beginning years ago. What if there was a book that had it all in one place to guide you with prompts? Below I outlined my three favorite topics found within Mind Your Business to get you one step closer to turning that confusion into confidence while making your biz legit!

building a brand

Remember how long it took you to find yourself as a young adult? Don't you wish there would have been a quiz you could have taken to speed up that process + save you some heartache? Instead, let's skip many of those growing pains within our businesses. If you want to start your own business, outlining your brand is essential. Yes, that's right; brand before business

While color palettes + fonts are essential for your outward brand, finding your internal brand is crucial. We see our internal branding by starting with our core values. If you build your brand around your core values, you won't find yourself trying to decide if that design is the right one or not for your group, along with what you will + will not tolerate. It is no longer a decision to make but rather an exercise in execution just as you are.

Early in my retail business, I decided I would not offer designs that polarized my group. So when a funny political design was released, I didn't spend time spinning my wheels deciding whether or not I would accommodate the custom requests in my inbox. The decision was an easy no for me as I outlined my core values long before that moment. It is so vital that you do the same for your business. Be unapologetically you!

magical marketing

"I couldn't possibly be successful. This market is so over-saturated." Have you ever had those thoughts before? That is okay if you have (because I know you have). But, before we get started, we will establish what makes us unique! 

Think back to what made you want to get started in the first place. You probably saw a gap in the prior tee business you shopped. That was the case for me. I realized I wouldn't say I liked paying $30 for a 100% Cotton Gildan tee... indeed there had to be a better way. I thought about those who wanted a tee for a birthday event, graduation, or a team tee. I couldn't imagine them foregoing buying a tee during such an exciting moment due to not being able to afford it. 

I started my business with quality tees, consistent turnaround time + reasonable prices in mind. Those three items were my core focus. As a result, I delivered a product + service that no one else in my area was able to replicate (at least according to my customers)

I started my business with the end goal in mind. Be the business you need as a customer.

making the wheels turn

You may be reading this in the bathroom stall during your 10-min break at your 9-5. This business thing sounds fantastic, but where will you find the time? Going home to tend to your family, cook dinner, prep tomorrow's outfits, clean up the dog poop (maybe that's only me) + do homework with the kid(s) is already too much to keep up with. That is why time blocking + batching are crucial to making it work.

From 6:30-8:30 PM every weeknight, I blocked out time to get my daily tasks done. While I worked within those time blocks, I batched my work. I created a system to complete a different office task each day of the week, from ordering materials, tidying up, completing local orders, then shipping orders + recording expenses. Time blocking + batching not only gave me predictability but for my loved ones as well. When I stepped into my office, my batched tasks kept me focused while clarifying when I was done for the night. 

Reflect on the season in your life currently; how much extra time do you devote to your business? Talk this over with those in your household or others affected. Understanding how much time you can save will assist you in creating realistic goals for your business.

so what

Starting your business does not have to be confusing or overwhelming, nor do you have to try to figure it out alone. Beyond the highlights of the three chapters covered above, there are seven more chapters in Mind Your Business loaded with resources + prompts.


A year from now you may wish you had started today.
— Karen Lamb
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