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☀ When was the last time you stopped to turn around to see how far you have come?

A customer asked me for ideas regarding advertising tee parties at her booth for a vendor event. I recommended making a brochure highlighting tee parties that visitors could grab & go. As I made the suggestion and began brainstorming, I realized this idea sounded familiar. So, I created a digital brochure for my tee parties. I dug up old files and found my original Hostess Guide. It was made in Silhouette Studio long before I knew about Canva.

*disclaimer - Don't forget I made this when I first started + self-taught. I don't recommend copying verbatim my old plan... I'm wiser now with better ideas🤣 Keep reading.*



In March 2020, the discussion boards threw around the term Tee Party. Also, this was a time COVID-19 was beginning to take its grip and change the life as which we knew. I was devastated to see those I loved & knew torn apart. Quite frankly, I was terrified myself. Businesses were crumbling. The world we knew was changing. It hit me....what if I could throw Tee Parties for those who are separated but can still have fun? I didn't know the best way to throw a Tee Party. I didn't have time to wait for someone else to figure it out. I just knew people needed community. So back to the Silhouette Studio to try to put this thing into play. 

I bought blanks off of ETSY & started brainstorming. I got great feedback. Guests were hooked and wanted to host their own. Fully booked is excellent, right? Yes, until it meant I already used all the party graphics and now had none for their party. Off to create a Version two. More sign-ups. Version three. Version four and five! I tracked who attended which party so I knew which graphics they saw. It was a lot of work, but then the tide changed again for us in America.

The anxiety and togetherness turned into vile, judgment, hate, and otherness mentality seemingly overnight. I remember having a divided family, split neighbors, an intense workplace & social media feed full of mouths but no ears. I felt the tap once again; Tee Parties can be the connector. I continued through the rest of the year.


Then, I found Brittany Jones

As I was packing up shop to move overseas Feb 2021, I found Queen B. She made me a graphic custom set I used to drop ship parties for four months while I was in limbo. Can you guess which is my work and which is Queen B’s? 🤣 

I remember how much relief I felt having these new graphics knowing what I had been using for the last nine months. Fan girl moments lead to becoming a brand rep. It feels like I have known her for a lifetime & surreal more often than not. Fast forward to the present day, we work together to turn down the hustle by creating content for tee parties, social media, and websites.


So what

When was the last time you stopped to think about how far you have come? It wasn't until recently I thought to grab the jump drive out of my storage box to look through my old tee party folders. I felt all the feels flipping through the old archived folders. But, then, I remembered how I felt when creating those graphics in 2020 to where I was present day. I had lost sight of just how far I had come.

There will always be the next goal, the next milestone, and the next project, but on the way, don’t forget to remember just how far you have come.

P.S. If you're still here, fill in your business information and send it to your prospective hosts. Then, show me what you have created by posting on the Facebook Group.

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