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If your customers aren't engaging or shopping from your social media posts

as much as you think they should, it may be simply because they didn’t see it. Facebook posts are shown to less than 5% of your organic audience. You are sharing important information, sales, and life posts throughout the week you don't want your audience to miss.

We can improve our reach and communication by wrapping up the week's highlights in a consistent post called In Case You Missed It (ICYMI). By reading through this blog, you will understand why an ICYMI is beneficial to you and your audience, what it contains & a template to build your first post!



Nor you, I, or your customers are on social media 24/7, reading everything posted on the ethernet. We have a life to live, and life happens simultaneously. Think about ALL the comments/questions you get AFTER your sale or drop as ended, "Is it too late to order this?" It puts you in an awkward place... Do you miss the chance to convert a sale? Or do you stick to your guns since the weekly order has already been placed? Use this post to remind them of the close-out.


There are going to be customers that are rocking it out by supporting you. Brand reps are knocking it out of the park! Tee Party host just had a killer tee party. You experienced a random act of kindness in town and want to share about this anonymous act. If you know, birthdays are coming up, you can celebrate them here.

Running a business is beyond selling, selling, selling. If you show up with a mind of service, connection with your customers will be more enjoyable, and your business roots will grow deep.


It seems like I am contradicting myself by saying to share info with your customers that they may have missed due to the low social media reach by making another post. 🤔 However, the difference between most posts you have made and this one... CONSISTENCY. Your guests do not need to receive a notification or see it in their feedback to remember it exists. You will consistently schedule your ICYMI post for the same time, the same day every week. Over time, your customers will start associating that day and time with your wrap-up post. They will search your VIP group on their own to see all the announcements in one place. 

If, after reading so far, you have decided this is something you want to do for your business, the most critical thing is CONSISTENCY. If you aren't willing to put in the time to do this each week, I do not recommend starting. Over time, your customers will develop an expectation to know there will be a post that serves as a one-stop shop for all of the important information.

Hey!! Before you quit, let’s try doing a monthly ICYMI post to start!



Before beginning, if you are unsure of what an ICYMI is, pop over to my group to review my past posts to set a solid mental foundation of what we will be working on. Come back after you are done gathering inspo. View all of my ICYMI posts here!

You will want to copy and paste your template weekly and update the new information. However, maintaining the same basic structure will allow your customers to know exactly where to look based on their interests. Build your ICYMI as a Facebook post and keep it organized with either a tag/topic (#(businessnameICYMI) or create an ICYMI guide to maintain all of your weekly updates in one place.

Below is an outline of many different sections you can pick and choose to build your own later. You can take two sections or all of them; however, three may be a solid, sweet spot to start.


  • Templates are provided in all Queen B Graphics & Designs engagement collections from Retro Summer to the present day. Sort your search by newest collections. Ready to try? I love that Brittany includes these templates in her collection, as they will keep you right on theme!
  • Use the individual’s spotlight photo. Keep reading below.


    • Highlight a customer who has gone above and beyond for your business. Did they place an order? Did they share your business? Invite a friend? Sign-up to host a Tee Party? Recognize Tee Party host rewards at the end of the party. Is it their birthday?
    • Capture a review and reshare it. Bonus if the customer shared a selfie or IRL photo of someone rocking your product.
    • Introduce or recognize a brand rep that is new or has been doing a fantastic job!


      • Remind of the product(s) closing with a link to shop either to your website or linking the original drop post with instructions to order.


        • Weekly update to keep the anticipation high! Review the group membership statistics to report the TOP 5 at the moment without their stats made public, so they don't know how much it separates the winner(s).
        • End of the month, you will have announced your Top Contributor so use this space to remind the group of the winner and how they can compete to win next week.


        • Announce new themes as Queen B has released them to peak their interests.
        • Update with upcoming party slots
        • Remind how tee parties work and host rewards

          WHAT'S COMING UP

          • Announce up lives
          • If you are changing your engagement theme, give them a hint as to what it will be next week

            WEEKEND PLANS

            • Connect with your customers by giving them insight into what you are doing for the weekend. Ask them what they have planned as well.

            LOCAL EVENTS

            • Give your customers additional reasons to follow your group beyond shopping. Take the time to navigate to the events tab on Facebook. If your location is updated on Facebook, it will show you upcoming events in your area. With your ideal customer in mind, what kind of events would they like to attend? Pull three & post about them weekly.


            BUILD YOUR ICYMI

            Knowledge is knowledge, but it remains powerless until applied. Actionable knowledge is powerful! I would love to help you create your post with insights on formatting and verbiage examples you can plug and play. 

            If you are ready to take your business up a notch, CLICK HERE to get started with a template you can fill in!

            SO WHAT

            Are you wanting to start an e-mail list but not sure what to say? Trade your Facebook post for a weekly e-mail ICYMI wrap-up. To start collecting e-mail questions, set it up on your website and download those opt-ins. Change your membership questions to ask guests if they would like to receive your newsletter and leave their email addresses. Don’t have a website but want to create an opt-in (similar to what you see above), you can do so with FloDesk (even without a website)!

            I highly recommend FloDesk with easy-to-use templates. The #1 reason I choose it as my ESP (email service provider) is that the rate doesn’t change based on the number of your subscribers! Why should we be penalized for growing our small business? It is $38/month, but with my referral code here, you can lock in a 50% discount rate of $19/month from now on!

            If you try out an ICYMI post, come back and tell me all about it in the comments!

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