Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna

I have been stationed in Okinawa for one year now. Each base has a unique travel program coordinates tours on the island and off. I have gone on roughly ten trips so far. I am going to start capturing some of my adventures and sharing them here with you.

On Mother's Day 2022, I attended the trip to Kariyushu Kanna Thalasso Laguna. This tour cost $30 to attend with the travel group booking.


We didn't have to attend the tour until 11:00 AM for this trip. It was a rainy day, sadly, but that didn't stop us from being able to enjoy the day. Shower caps were required as I'm sure they don't take kindly to having a lot of hair floating in their spas. Requiring shower caps is kinda genius if you think about it.

There was an opportunity to buy a cap when we checked in. Before stripping down to your swimwear, a big note is that tattoos must be covered. "Tattoos in Japan, known as irezumi, are mistakenly associated only with the Yakuza criminal world." Those that have a lot of tattoos that are hard to cover, wear rash guards. I know some people stationed here that actually avoid these venues due to their tattoos.


We arrived at lunchtime, which was included with our ticket; however, I did have a few Fear Factor flashbacks. Additionally, I am known to have a minimal pallet or as my sister would say, “a pallet of a child.” Therefore, I will let you try to guess what was on my plate. I picked and poked at it a bit until I convinced myself I was full.

Also, I am not the best at using chopsticks. I have learned in the last few years I can’t use them because I write with two fingers on the pen instead of one. I think I missed out on developing that motor skill.

All in all, you can imagine how trying to eat that rice went using chopsticks.

Locker Room

We were given a key, assigned a locker, and handed a towel. Then, I headed to the locker rooms. I took my shoes off outside the locker room as shoes weren't allowed. I was surprised not to see a rule against two-piece swimsuits, but I packed a one-piece to be safe. I walked through the shower room, rinsed off, and headed to the indoor spa area first. Photography was not allowed in this area.

After you were done, time to hit the locker room again, where shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were provided. I took the time to blow dry my hair with the spa's provided blow dryer (which I never do). Totally forgot a brush, but drying my hair saved the day.

They did have a towel wringing machine that looked like a washing machine. I wanted sooo bad to try it but had no idea how to use it and didn’t want to break it.


There was a giant waterslide a lot of kids were enjoying. I was tempted to go on it; however, I contained my inner child. There was a lap pool to swim in or walk to one side and back. I was surprised to see how many people were walking. After checking out all of the stations inside, I went outside to check out the rest.

There were three jet pools and a jetted rock area lounge. It made me feel like I was on a beautiful island vacation (then remembered, I kinda am, ha). My favorite of all the area is pictured at the top right which allowed me to lay on my back and float while overlooking the beach. The pillow shapes were in fact concrete, but surprisingly very comfortable!

Trip rating

Overall, I would rate this trip a 9/10—a two-point deduction for the adventure bento box. But, add a point back for the Blue Seal Vanilla ice cream, which I enjoyed after the water.

NOTED: I will show up full next time

I would love to go again on a sunnier day. This laguna offers beach access as well I want to check it out! I packed a towel which isn’t needed since it is provided.

If in Okinawa, highly recommend it!
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