Facebook Group Tools: Moderation Alerts

You will find a plethora of group tools available to the admin to assist you in running your Facebook group more smoothly. One of my favorite group tools both in Tee Parties & my VIP group is Moderation Alerts. Facebook announced,

"To help you keep your groups healthy and safe, we're introducing a new section in the admin tools: Moderation Alerts. Moderation Alerts are alerts that help you stay up to date with the content in your group that may need more immediate attention."

It is easy to lose essential comments within the standard notification tab that does not separate business information from your timeline. The moderation alert has two subfunctions: Keyword Alerts and Engagement Alerts. You can use each strategically as it relates to selling handmade products online.



Keyword alerts notify group admin and moderators for certain words or phrases. It is easy to miss comments in a wealth of Facebook notifications. However, keyword extract comments with that word or phrase and hold them into a dedicated queue. They will remain there until you ignore the alert. Ignore will remove the moderation alert from your log. The remove button will remove the comment from the group altogether. Ask me how I know...

If you are invoicing for your business, using the keyword "SOLD" will ensure you don't miss any customer order comments. Use this run of alerts to build your invoices. The keyword alert "SOLD" is also great to use within a Facebook Tee Party. Keep reading for more alert ideas.



Unlike keyword alerts, engagement alerts notify the admin team if there is content that is getting a lot of engagement vs. being tripped by a particular word or phrase. Facebook will recommend a comment number based on the specifics of your group. For the business owners that have hired others to manage your group who can't be involved with every post, this feature will allow you to be notified about the popular topics and interests of your group. No admins want any conflicts within their group. This tool will enable you to monitor any posts that get out of hand quickly.



To set up Moderations Alerts in your Facebook group, follow the instructions as outlined by Facebook here.

Once you have found the settings menu, you can begin adding keywords. For keyword alerts to start with, I recommend the following:

  • SOLD / For invoice comments
  • HOW DO I ORDER or ORDER / A common question found within small business groups
  • YOUR NAME OR BUSINESS NAME / Don't miss comment replies directed at yourself
  • HTTPS or WWW / To keep up with links shared in your group
  • PROFANITY / If your group is cuss word free
  • PRODUCT NAME like SHIRT or TUMBLER / Keep track if someone is inquiring about a product
  • TEE PARTY / Don't miss a comment related to someone wanting to host a party
  • BABY / If using the Baby Shower Tee Party script and you need to track who says the word that isn't supposed to

    Moderation alerts assist group admins in reducing spam and unwanted content. However, as small business owners, we can leverage these tools to ensure we foster a close-knit, welcoming community by keeping up with what is happening within our groups.

    ➡️ Once you have set up your moderation alerts, screenshot your set-up and share with us in the group here.

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