Monthly Mystery Host Tee Party: Part 2 / Set-up & Selling

Now that you have decided

that you are ready for a Mystery Host partyΒ (if you need clarification on what a Mystery Host party is,Β jump back to Part 1), it's time to configure the setup & discuss how the selling works.


When preparing for a Mystery Host Tee Party, we will want to make a few critical decisions & take a few actions before the party kicks off.

VIP Facebook group

  • Your standard Facebook group is where you will host your Mystery Host party. If you do not have one, I recommend kicking off your VIP group with a Launch Party. It is a spin-off version of a Tee Party, but the central focus is on you and your business journey. Think of it as a ribbon-cutting virtual event for your business.

  • The most common question is whether you will still run your standard engagement content or not. The answer is no; you will not run your scheduled engagement. This can be distracting from the party flow and confusing for your guests. Pause all scheduled interactions, shift them to another week, or delete them together.

  • Consider changing your membership questions in preparation for an influx of new member requests to match the party details, ask them who referred them or how they found your group.

  • Update your Cover Photo the Saturday before the party start (Tuesday) with details about the party to stir excitement.

  • If you are invoicing for your party, add the moderation alert "SOLD" so you will be notified every time there is a "claim" comment.


  • Shop Party Graphics here.

  • Watermark your graphics with your Watermark. I prefer a full watermark overlay (here is a template) as it makes it much faster to watermark than carefully placing a logo around the graphic's details.

  • I recommend using Visual Watermark to watermark your entire graphic collection in minutes. Here is a tutorial on how I watermark.

  • If you need to make edits to any graphics and you are a Queen B Party drive holder, you can link your drive to your Canva account to save time -- downloading the blank graphic from Queen B, uploading it to Canva, then editing. Instead, access the entire folder directly in Canva. If you need help doing this, I have a tutorial here.

  • Don't worry about deciding which graphics to use; I have done that for you in the next section.

Tee Party Planner

  • My 2023 Tee Party Planner Packs all have a Mystery Host script version in the party that is curated with captions that are designed to post in your VIP group

  • Once you access the Tee Party Planner, click "Tee Party Planner Resources" on the first sheet to get the full tutorial layout

  • Schedule from the Google Sheet, by copying and pasting the captions into Facebook directly & scheduling or use the CinchShare folder provided. All you need to do is swap in your graphics with your watermark once you have copied my folder so you are the admin.



  • You gotta have something to sell, right? That is where my tee party category methodology comes into play. Each category has it's own theme such as sports, coffee & mom. The category is made up of 20 themed products. For this example, your party would have 20 sports items, 20 coffee items & 20 mom items for a total of 60.

  • Pair a category to each day of your sales days (Wed, Thur & Friday).

  • Typically in a traditional tee party, your host would pick out the categories, but since it's in your VIP group, I recommend allowing your group to pick. Schedule a poll 1-2 weeks outs from the party with different themed ideas. Prepare products for the top 3 categories.

  • When it comes to how to schedule and space them out, your Tee Party Planner will help you plan that out.


  • I recommend 10-15% of total sales back in-store credit. The tiered discounts or level rewards didn't work well for me when I hosted Tee Parties. No matter what products you offer, 10-15% back is clear-cut.

  • Since this is a Mystery Host Party, the individual that will win the rewards will not be announced until the end. They don't have to purchase to get their name into the drawing, but it will increase their chances.

  • Use your Tee Party Planner to calculate their entries and choose a name at random using a site such as

so what

You have all the baseline knowledge required to start your Mystery Host party and the tools to schedule & throw your party. In Part 3, we will discuss how to generate new leads from your Mystery Host party to get someone to host their party so you can keep it going.

Tell me below, what Mystery Host theme are you planning to run?

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