Mystery Host Tee Party: Part 3 / New Host


Need to find a great way to kick off your Tee Party journey?

Mystery Host Parties are the perfect place! From gathering new leads and gaining more sales - it's an unbeatable combo. You can keep reigniting new parties by getting a new host for every party you throw. It's time to tap into all of that party power!

Remember that Mystery Host Tee Parties' primary focus is finding your next host.


Calling out for a new host

Within the Tee Party Planner packs, you will see that you will ask for a call-out for new hosts three times over the party. This is because you want to offer to host multiple times, as your guests may have missed one of the other posts. To increase the likelihood of securing your next host, keep the following things in mind:

Show them the possibilities

The main difference we discussed in Part 2 between a Mystery Host Tee Party & a Traditional Tee Party is who is the recipient of the party rewards. In a Mystery Host party, there isn't a guarantee they will win the prize credit; however, in their party, it is guaranteed the rewards will be theirs (assuming orders are placed).

If your party guests put that much effort into POTENTIALLY winning, think about how much effort they put into something they are PROMISED.


Offer additional incentives

Remember the "free gift to the first to place an order" that you posted on day one? What if you created an additional incentive for the first to book? Make sure your prospects understand what it is in it for them to sign-up to hosts, such as 10-15% of total sales in store credit and a free gift for hosting.

Queen B Graphics & Design has dozens of party collections as options for tee parties. Make your prospective host feel like they are going to the party store to pick out their decorations (aka graphic theme set). Further, ensure your prospects know they will also get to choose three product themes.

Make your standard process feel like a special incentive when they book!


Create scarcity

You are only one person. You can't host five parties a week, four weeks in a row. Well.... I guess you could.. but the reality is you will have a limited number of slots available for them to sign up for. When you make your host call-out, add the dates to the comments. Update the comment to match the new host's name once they claim. This will enhance the sense of urgency and make them realize they need to grab a slot. If your dates fill up, add those prospects to a waitlist and contact them when you have new slots.

Think back to your clubbing days (or maybe last weekend). The club holds people outside even when the limit hasn't been reached. This is to create the scarcity effect. Be sure to make it clear how many you have available each week.


So what

Mystery Host Tee Party is a blast! You get to bring something fun and exciting to your VIP Group and post 60 products for purchase. Remember the primary goal of this type of party - finding new hosts.

Attracting new hosts means widening your business horizon, and with their friends comes the potential of new customers. Imagine if you brainstormed more creative ideas around hosting parties and increasing social media exposure.

➡️ Think outside of the box! What strategies have you used that have successfully gained new hosts? Let me know in the comments below!

I'd love to hear from you and pass along some valuable tips.

If you are ready to plan your first Mystery Host Tee Party, grab a Tee Party Planner that has it laid out for you.

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