Normalize accepting the algorithms for what they are

We live in a digital age, and social media has become integral to our lives.

We use it to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. For small business owners, it’s often the first step to building awareness and creating sales. But relying solely on algorithms to get your message out there can be risky and limit your success. Here’s why you should normalize not relying on social media algorithms.


Algorithms Change Constantly

The algorithms that power social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing. Your strategies to reach potential customers this year may not work next year or next month! If will make you crazy trying to keep up with these ever change trends. If you want to turn down the hustle, take note of the trends, but always keep your customer top of mind when creating content.


Organic Reach Is Limited

Organic reach is limited because these platforms want users to pay for ads to get their messages seen by more people. This means that if you rely only on organic reach, it will be hard for you to stand out from the crowd. You need to devise creative ways to engage with your followers so that they will share your content organically and boost your reach without having to pay for ads.


Engagement Is Key

Engagement is critical to marketing success, but relying solely on algorithms for engagement won’t cut it anymore. It would be best if you focused on creating meaningful interactions with your followers so that they become loyal customers who will continue to support your business long-term. This means responding promptly when someone comments or messages you, engaging in conversations, running contests or giveaways, and using creative visuals or videos whenever possible!


so what

Relying solely on social media algorithms is no longer enough if you want your small business to succeed in 2023 and beyond! It's time for us all as small business owners (predominantly female entrepreneurs!) to normalize not relying entirely on algorithms but on creating genuine connections with our target audience through meaningful engagement tactics like diversifying our offer and strategies independent of social media, such as an email list! This way, we can be sure we’ll remain competitive in this ever-changing digital world even if we ever do get kicked to the curb by AL!

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