Spice up your Engagement with Bingo

Want something new to spruce up your VIP group fun? Or maybe you want to kick your Tee Parties up a notch! 

Catch the replay here >>> LIVE REPLAY


The cards referenced throughout this blog are made by Queen B. The cards are a bonus addition for both Party + Engagement drive holders. Look for the folder within your Google Drive labeled “Bingo.”

Save the card + add your watermark. Use my Bingo template at the bottom of the blog to receive ten bingo templates made for you. Drag and drop your card into each of the frames. Feel free to make your cards beyond the starting ten-download + save for later.

For VIP >>> Make an event in your group. Give your customers enough heads up to pencil you in. Make a post announcing the game + upload your watermarked blank card. Make an individual comment with each of the cards. Allow them to claim their card. The blank card you uploaded will allow them to make their own if they would like + to add their card via comment. Instruct them that they have until the game starts to enter their card to play.

For TEE PARTY >>> The same logic applies, except the event will be made within the Tee Party group. If you have a small enough number in your party, you can even assign party members to a card to encourage them to participate. I would add Bingo to your party if your host is very engaged with her guests. Use this time to cover ordering info, joining your group, + hosting their party.

Utilize this site to generate your bingo numbers to call >>> https://appzaza.com/bingo-number-generator

Turn off comments on the post at the live start.

Find a brand rep or top customer to assist during the live video by typing the numbers called in the comments to alleviate customers asking for any repeated calls. This will allow you to call them a lot faster as well.

How to Play:

Encourage the guests to have two screens up or print out their card. They need to be able to watch your live + see their card. Use the following outline to run your party:

>>> Introduce yourself

>>> Prizes + number of rounds

>>> Numbers will be put in the comments as well as being announced

>>> When they have bingo, comment BINGO. You will honor the comments in the order you see them.

>>> Once called, they need to comment with the numbers they are calling for Bingo. Find their card + verify.

>>> Reset website caller + play again.

Learn from our Guest Host:

Kelli Q :)

Kelli puts more of a personal touch on Bingo in her group. She prints out bingo cards + includes them in her customers’ orders. They fill in the cards themselves, take a picture of it + upload it to the Bingo post. 

Also, she puts together the cutest little Bingo kits for her customers as well including:

    This allows her customers to reuse their cards over + over again.

    Her biggest words of advice: Be yourself. Your customers are there for YOU. Show up + have fun!


    Ready for that Canva drag + drop tool….Access it HERE

    Tell me all about your Bingo experience, any questions or ideas in the comments below <3

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