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If you're running a Facebook group, you know how important it is to keep your members engaged. After all, the more engagement your group gets, the more likely it is to show up in users' feeds. And, if you want to keep your top contributors engaged, you can set up some awesome rewards to recognize their hard work! That's right – Facebook calculates your top contributors based on engagement from the last 28 days, so it's crucial to keep those active members feeling appreciated.

Let's dive into how you can set up some fantastic rewards to keep your top contributors coming back for more!



  1. Once in your Facebook group, click "INSIGHTS"
  2. Select "MEMBERSHIP"

Top Contributor on Facebook | www.sunkissedva.com

    Notice the date and range your Top Contributors are calculated for. Top Contributor results typically lag by one or two days. You can download results by selecting the "DOWNLOAD" button.

    Top Contributor Facebook | Sun Kissed Virtual Assistant

    The download button allows you to extract data capturing seven days, 28 days, 60 days, or a custom range. Check out this feature and review the additional data sheets saved in this report.


    Facebook puts more weight when calculating Top Contributors on posts and comments vs. likes. When you pull up your list, you will notice that someone with fewer likes may outrank someone with more likes. Encourage your members to submit posts to the group wearing your product. When creating content for your group, include a call to action on every post to generate those comments. Below are a few examples:

    👉 Comment below and tell me what you think.
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    ❓ Add your guess to the comments below.

    Now, if you're having trouble getting your group members to post, don't worry, it's normal for new groups or new members. But you can change that! Lead by example and be super active in the group. Show them what kind of behavior you hope they'll follow and watch the group start to evolve right before your eyes!



    Reward those who are involved in boosting group engagement. by recognizing them. Pick a winner or winner(s) monthly. Set your calendar reminder or add it to your planner to check on your Top Contributor statistics on the 30th of every month. Schedule the post to announce the winner(s) on the 1st of every month.

    If you want to up the ante and keep your audience engaged, post an update either on the 10th and 20th of every month or on the 15th. You can do this one of many ways:

    Top Contributor Facebook | Sun Kissed Virtual AssistantTop Contributor Facebook | Sun Kissed Virtual AssistantTop Contributor Facebook | Sun Kissed Virtual Assistant

    Don't forget that the Top Contributor results pull from the last 28 days. This means comments that counted for someone the previous month will eventually drop off their score, resulting in a massive decrease in their rankings. But, of course, the inverse is also true if someone becomes more active. This makes the monthly Top Contributor challenge even more riveting.



    There are many different ways to build and run your program. You may switch it up monthly until you find a style that fits you and keeps your members' attention. 

    • Reward only the #1 Top Contributor ($10-20 Store Credit)
    • Reward the Top 3 ($20, $10, $5, respectfully)
    • Enter all into a drawing giving additional entries to the Top 5. Pick a name on a site like www.wheelofnames.com

      Queen B provides Top Contributor graphics in her Engagement collections. Pull the matching graphic from your Content Calendar plan to schedule on the respective day.


      SO WHAT

      Facebook groups help us reach current and potential customers while growing the like, know and trust factor. Therefore, we want to produce content that resonates with our target market to increase their likelihood of engaging. Consequently, it is essential to value your Top Contributors like you do your Top Spenders—both of which are vital to the longevity and sustainment of your business. 

      ➡️ Get more ideas on how to use Top Contributor by joining the community Facebook group here.

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      For what reason would a member of the group contributes not be calculated?
      I have two members that are top 10 but nothing shows up in their points.

      Debra Hatten

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