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Merry Creepmas Content Calendar & 202 Engagement Graphics

Merry Creepmas Content Calendar & 202 Engagement Graphics

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Welcome to the eerie and enchanting spirit of Creepmas ready to fill your social media with the "Merry Creepmas Engagement Graphics and Content Calendar." Dive deep into the dark and mysterious themes of Creepmas to captivate your audience throughout the season!

📅 Inside the Calendar:

1️⃣ 202 Specially Crafted Graphics: Elevate your social media presence with a wide array of Creepmas-themed graphics. These designs are perfect for daily posts, stories, and engagement content, ensuring your audience is spellbound all season long!

2️⃣ 3 Weeks of Creepmas Delights: My content calendar spans three thrilling weeks, with two carefully crafted posts and captions per day. Immerse your audience in the eerie and mysterious world of Creepmas with consistent and engaging content.

3️⃣ Bonus Email Marketing Template: Complement your social media strategy with my ready-to-use email marketing template, tailored for Creepmas promotions and updates. Engage your subscribers with the spirit of Creepmas!

4️⃣ CinchShare Folder Convenience: To streamline your content scheduling, I've organized all the digital delights in a CinchShare folder. You can schedule your posts in under an hour, making your Creepmas preparations a breeze.

5️⃣ Sun Kissed School Tutorials: Need guidance? Access my exclusive tutorials in Sun Kissed School to walk you through all the steps. I'm here to support you every step of the way on your Creepmas journey!

🕸️ Why Choose Merry Creepmas?:

✅ Immersive Creepmas Vibes: Queen B's graphics and content are meticulously designed to immerse your audience in the eerie and mysterious world of Creepmas.
✅ Enhanced Engagement: These captivating graphics and content prompts will keep your followers actively participating and sharing in the Creepmas spirit.
✅ Consistent Branding: Maintain a unified and spooky brand presence across all your social media platforms.
✅ Hassle-Free Planning: Our content calendar takes the guesswork out of your Creepmas content strategy, saving you time and effort.

Embrace the dark and delightful world of Creepmas with the "Merry Creepmas Engagement Graphics and Content Calendar." Start enchanting your audience today!

This content calendar is undated, allowing you to use it for multiple Creepmas seasons to come.

This product was created with the assistance of AI.

Graphics Included!

As of July 1st, 2023, all "Content Calendars" include the unwatermarked graphics.

The graphics are created by Queen B Graphics & Design.

Product Contents

  • 1 Google Sheet file
  • Engagement Graphics
  • 1 CinchShare folder
  • Access to to review "Content Calendar Resources" tutorials
  • *Select calendars include a Marketing Email Template

Fulfillment time

You will receive a PDF with link(s) to directly access your content. Be on the lookout for an email from "Sun Kissed VA" after you receive your order confirmation email.

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