11 | Hype Team Activated: Embedded Tee Party Engagement Strategy


Consider all of the work that goes into creating, scheduling and coordinating your Tee Party just to be meet with flat engagement which translates into lower sales. We put too much stake in the host's guests bringing the fun with them. That needs to change. A Hype Team is the secret ingredient to turn around lackluster engagement.

Leverage the Bandwagon Effect

Picture a middle school dance. No one is dancing which encourages everyone to hold up the wall. Now picture walking into a dance where everyone is dancing. You are more encouraged to join when you see "everyone" is doing it.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a powerful phenomenon that can be used to encourage more participation in your parties. The Hype Team can get the engagement going strong from the moment doors open.

Building Your Hype Team

The ideal Hype Team members are either:

  • Consistent Customers
  • Active Contributors
  • Friends or Family
  • Brand Reps

The Hype Team members will guide guests through what the Tee Party normal behavior looks like such as being active, participating or even making their own posts to the party.

Nurturing Your Hype Team

It is crucial that your Hype Team members are compensated for their efforts. The best type of business relationships for the long haul are transactional.

Ideas for rewards:

  • Steeper party discount
  • Free Tee from Party
  • Store Credit to shop


Keep a pulse on your Hype Team members. If they are starting to get burned out or slowing down on their engagement, it is worth addressing. They may need to take on less.

Selective Recruitment for Authentic Engagement

I do not recommend making a public post to have members sign up to Hype. You might get people joining with their eyes on the incentive only. They may not have what is required to be a product Hype Team member.

I recommend the invite-only approach by privately messaging those that you know already exude the qualities you desire for Hype Team members.

So What

Don't wait for the host to hopefully bring fun friends. Get ahead of your party's success by carefully curating your own Party Team.

Virtual Party Decor (Graphics) + Catchy Content (Tee Party Planner + Engaged Audience (Hype Team) = Increased Likelihood of Party Sales!


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