15 | Porch Pick-Up as a Home-Based Business Owner


Porch pick-up is an opportunity to offer a unique experience to your customer's beyond the standard customer service. Before you do, it is important to consider if porch pick-up is right for you along with ensuring the appropriate safety measures are in place.

The Benefits of Porch Pick-Up

There are a handful of benefits of porch pick-up including special packaging, immediate access to their product and convenient for you too!

Think About Safety!

Before you post your pick-up sign for business, consider adding a doorbell camera and additional cameras as required. Do you know this individual or have you done business with them before?

Don't forget about safety for your customers. Ensure they know what to look for so they are going to the right house along with provided a lit pathway if they are walking in the dark.

Don't be afraid to set boundaries and limitations on when they can/can't come pick up their items.

Effective Communication through Shopify

To avoid having a customer see your home address at checkout for pick-up, create a "dummy" address as a placeholder which includes a geo-ref such as "near Windy High School", your city, state and zip code. When their order is ready for pick-up, edit the notification to include your address and all pick-up instructions.

I highly recommend a porch-pick up post to keep updated with tags when their order is ready to go! Grab this graphic in any of the Content Calendar listings.

Seasonal Decor Ideas

Have fun with your pick-up area! Change out the decor with the seasons. Be sure to let your customers know when it is updated to potentially encourage them to order again so they can see your set-up.

Snacks for All Ages

Think about your ideal customer. There is a good chance she is running a million miles a minute, swinging by your house to grab her order on the way to her next kid's sporting event. Or maybe she has crying kids that are upset. A snack bowl may be just what she or her kids need to get through the next hour.

What about the delivery drivers enabling your small business success? Even if they don't take a treat, it may make their day to know you appreciate them.

Secure Payment Drop-Offs

I had a couple customers that either only paid by check or cash. After leaving their payments unsecured in my mailbox a few times, I knew there had to be a better way. I found a dropbox that I installed behind my pick-up box.

This allowed me to retain them as customers with just a minor improvement to my processes. Here is a link to this payment box.

What Does Our Facebook Community Think?

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So What

Porch Pick-up may not be right for everyone. If you decide that you do want to offer porch pick-up, take the time to think through your process both from your perspective and your customer's.

I'd love to see what your porch pick-up set-up looks like. Submit a post to our Community Facebook group and share with us.

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