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The original blog post below was published on Sept 17, 2022.

Facebook groups allow you to create up to three membership questions for private groups. After a Facebook user clicks "JOIN GROUP," your set of questions will display for them to answer. There are three question types: checkboxes, multiple choice, and written answers. The option exists to require new members to also agree to group rules. Group membership questions are an excellent feature for Facebook groups because they allow you to qualify your new member and share information while learning more about them.

Qualifying Ideal Group Member

Remember at the beginning of this blog; I mentioned membership questions are only available to private Facebook groups? I highly recommend you make your group private to take advantage of this tool and create an exclusive, safe, close-knit community for your business. As the Top Contributor blog mentioned, we want to generate engagement in our groups. We do this by curating content that will resonate with our ideal customers. For example, does your group cater more towards women or men? Moms or college students? Busy activity households or empty nesters? Narrowing down who your target audience is will allow you to get specific on the content you post versus overgeneralizing your content, trying to appeal to everyone so that it ends up not resonating with anyone.

You can qualify a new group member by asking a question that only your ideal customer would be able to answer.

  • For a business that makes shirts >> What is your favorite color graphic tee?
  • For a company that sells to moms >> What is one of your mommin' pet peeves?
  • For a business that sells wholesale tees >> Do you have a resellers permit?

If they are not your ideal customer, they may be unable to answer these questions. That is okay! It is better to screen them before entry than to grow a dead group. Facebook promotes groups that are known to have consistent engagement. We can expect engagement from members who align with our content and offer. Therefore, we want to ensure we have the right audience in our group.

Share Information

Membership questions are a great place to get your new group member familiar with your business and offer. You can ask them upfront if they are interested in your offer. It may be a product, a tee party, or your e-mail list.

  • Are you interested in hosting a Tee Party and earning 10% of total sales in rewards? If you select yes, I will tag you in an info post to learn more. (Multiple Choice)
  • What kind of items are you interested in buying? (Checkboxes with product categories)
  • *OPTIONAL* Would you like to join my e-mail list to receive my newsletter? By enrolling, you will receive a one-time 15% discount code. (Written Answer)

Let's talk more about this e-mail list. CAN-SPAM Act governs how you use e-mail for marketing. For starters, if you have a customer's e-mail because they placed an order with you, that does not mean they have consented to receive marketing material from you. The membership question example above is a member providing consent to e-mail them promotional material. 

You will need to provide a way for customers to opt out of receiving e-mails from you, and you must honor their request. They will no longer receive e-mails unless they opt-in again. For this reason, I do not recommend sending marketing material via g-mail since the option does not exist for your customers to unsubscribe. 

If you are ready to start building your e-mail list and automating sending your welcome offer, check out FloDesk. My link will provide the monthly fee at a 50% discount from $39 to $19.

Learn about your new group member

Who doesn't like sharing about themselves? Your new group members are no different. Knowing more about your group members will allow you to better gauge what kind of audience you attract to curate your content. There are a variety of things you can ask a new member ranging from:

  • What is your favorite brand of tees? (Multiple Choice)
  • Do you prefer women's cut or unisex tees? (Multiple Choice)
  • Do you buy handmade items as gifts? (Multiple Choice)
  • What is your favorite kind of tee to wear? (Checkboxes with Tee Categories to choose from)
  • (Insert any fun question asking them a random fact)

Set Ground Rules

You can require members to agree to your rules before admitting them into your group. Once in your group, you can easily tag rules as a quick link. When selected, it will expand with the entire explanation. Consider breaking your terms and conditions into individual rules that new group members can review before joining.

Keep in mind that your new members will not have your rules memorized. Think about the last group you joined. Did you read all of the rules before hitting the checkbox? Most likely not.

So why even make them agree? They may not remember the rules down to the T, but they will faintly remember you did have rules if they ever want to refer back. Nonetheless, you will always have the option to tag the rules within your group quickly. If you have a rule for TAT, this is an easy way to quickly tag a rule when someone asks what your TAT is without rushing your response. Do the work once and reap the rewards over and over again.

So What

Membership questions are not a Facebook group feature I would skip over. However, they are a great place to share information and get your initial offer out front and center. So, if you are still lost, here are three questions to get you started:

  1. How did you find my group? Did someone refer you? (Written Answer)
  2. Are you interested in hosting a Tee Party and earning 10% of total sales in rewards? If you select yes, I will tag you in an info post to learn more. (Multiple Choice)
  3. What tee categories would you choose to wear: (Checkboxes)
      • Pet Mom
      • Sports
      • Seasonal
      • Snarky
      • Christian
      • Mom Life


    Podcast Episode: "19 | Facebook Group Tools: Membership Questions"

    This blog post was updated and converted into a Podcast episode on Feb 1, 2024.


    In the digital age where community building has become an integral part of brand success, Facebook groups stand out as a powerful tool for creating an engaged and exclusive community. We are working through a series of Facebook Group Tools. This week, we chat about Membership Questions.

    The concept of Membership Questions is straightforward yet impactful. As the gatekeeper to your group, these questions serve to pre-screen potential members, ensuring that only those aligned with your group's purpose and ethos gain entry. The strategic crafting of these questions allows group admins to glean insights into the interests and preferences of members, which in turn informs content creation and engagement strategies.

    There are 5 main things Membership Questions can do for your Business:

    1. Qualify Group Members
    2. Learn About Your New Group Members
    3. Share Information
    4. Grow Your Email List
    5. Set Ground Rules with Group Rules


    Membership Questions also act as a first point of contact between the group and potential members, setting the tone for future interactions. When tailored to reflect the group's focus, whether it's graphic tees or tumblers, these questions can filter out individuals who may not be as invested in the group's subject matter, thereby maintaining the quality and relevance of the community.

    Furthermore, the role of Membership Questions in lead generation and customer relationship building. By incentivizing potential members to provide their email addresses in exchange for discounts or other perks, businesses can expand their reach beyond the volatile confines of social media platforms. This practice is not only about growing an email list but also about owning the contact information, thereby safeguarding against any unforeseen changes in social media policies or algorithms.

    The podcast episode doesn't stop at the why and how of Membership Questions; it also addresses the practical aspects of managing them. Since July 2021, Facebook has allowed group admins to access and even retrospectively log responses to Membership Questions, providing a valuable database for record-keeping and analysis. This tweak in the system highlights the importance of staying updated with platform changes to effectively manage online communities.

    Through the episode, there are an array of tips and tricks for engaging Facebook group members. I emphasize the significance of segmentation, where insights from Membership Questions enable targeted marketing efforts. Such granularity in understanding your members can lead to more personalized and thus more effective communication.

    So What

    In summary, the episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to elevate their Facebook group from a mere gathering to a thriving community with a shared passion. This episode guides you through the intricacies of Membership Questions, ensuring that you are equipped with actionable strategies to harness the full potential of your Facebook groups.

    For community managers and business owners, this episode is an essential listen, offering a blend of technical know-how and strategic insights. It's an invitation to rethink community engagement and to transform a Facebook group into a powerful extension of one's business. The episode doesn't just talk about creating a community; it's about building an empire of engaged, loyal members who are as invested in the group's success as the admin themselves.

    Join me in the private Facebook Group 'Turn Down the Hustle'. Whether you're a seasoned community manager or just starting out, this episode promises to add another tool to your toolkit!

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