9 | Tee Party 101: Virtual Product Parties for Creative Entrepreneurs


Who said you can't have fun and grow your business?

If you're a creative entrepreneur eager to elevate your online business and connect with your audience in a whole new way, you've come to the right place. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind successful Tee Parties, exploring the essential elements that make them a hit among t-shirt business owners and their enthusiastic customers. Get ready to unlock the door to a thrilling experience that turns shopping into a celebration and leaves you with a thriving and engaged community.

What is a tee party?

A tee party is an online event where guests come to play games, have fun and shop discounted or limited access products.

Tee Party Myth: Tee Parties are only for graphic tees.

If you sell products that can be grouped into like themes such as Fall, Football or Funny, etc., tee parties will work for your business.

5 W's & How of Tee Parties

Who: You and guests (+ host)
What: Products, incentives, and party theme
When: Dependent on party format
Where: Online Facebook group or Messenger chat
Why: Host earns rewards, you earn sales and customers find your business with quality products
How: Follow the steps outlined in the Tee Party Planner

Four Tee Party Formats

  • Tee Party
  • TEEny Party
  • Mystery Host Tee Party
  • Messenger Party / Power Half Hour Partee

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