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At some point, your big goals list has to become your to-do list. A year ago, the seed was planted that I should start a podcast... me?? Sure, added that to last year's vision board.

2023 rolled around, and I transferred over the same goal.

With moving back to the states from overseas, I realized this new chapter would be the perfect time to start something new... like that thing (*cough podcast*) I had been putting off.

(I know you can relate).

Running a t-shirt business can be overwhelming and confusing. How do you advertise your products? Where do you find customers? This is where Turn Down The Hustle comes in.

On this podcast, I strive to meet creative entrepreneurs right where they are to build a solid foundation, implement realistic systems and scale with consistency.

We discuss everything from growing your audience with tee parties to uncovering tech tools to save time to mindset shifts required to start and stay in business.

The launch date is set for June 1st, 2023!

We all know *that thing* will never happen unless we put a date in the sand, so that I have.

I would love for you to get ahead start by subscribing to the Podcast on your player of choice (Apple Podcast takes a few weeks for approval).

Thank you all for the last 2 years of support. I am ready to enter this next chapter, together.


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