Executing your Facebook Live Event

You have taken the time to plan and prepare your Facebook live! Now it is time to hit that "GO LIVE" button.

I have three thoughts for you to keep in mind when doing so. I don't want you to dread or fear going live.

Your group members/audience love you! They are going to be so excited to see you. After reading this blog, you will have the simple steps to executing your live in a manner that keeps you confident!

be punctual

You have a group full of members who are beyond excited to see you and hear what you say! So let's show up on time to greet them. You can even go live a few minutes early to ensure they were able to connect. While you focus on the live video itself, I recommend having a brand rep or trusted friend keep an eye on the group during the first 5 minutes to answer any questions regarding where the live video is taking place, so you don't have to navigate away.

When the clock hits the mark, start talking right away. You have seen other individuals' lives before when they take 5-8 minutes to say what they came to say because they aren't "waiting for people to hop on." The majority of your viewers will be those who catch the replay. You can include a recap period at the end of your live for those who join late.

Life happens; I get it. I am no different than you. If you happen to experience technical difficulties or run behind, make a quick post in your group to let your audience know. Their instinct is to panic that they aren't in the right place for the live and post questions. It is better to push information to them before they have to pull it from you.

stay on topic

Keep the outline you created when planning your Facebook live eventΒ handy. You can have it up on a split-screen, print it out, or hand write it. While you don't need to read it line by line, it is good to have bullet points to jog your memory. In addition, the comments posted during the live and the squirrels that inevitably run through your brain, the outline will assist you in keeping on task.

What helps me the most with staying on topic? DON'T PAUSE WHAT YOU'RE SAYING TO READ COMMENTS. It took me a few years to figure this one out, but every time I read the comments, I would lose my train of thought. My script was thrown out instantly. My technique is to finish the bullet point I am on entirely, then pause to read the comments. If there are questions regarding a topic I haven't quite hit, I will tell them to hang tight; I will get to it rather than answering it on the spot and throwing off my outline.

Be sure to acknowledge your audience if they comment to say hi, but be mindful of sidebar conversations. While it is important to be personable and connect with your audience, I do not recommend going back and forth with one individual regarding the car pick-up line for more than one to two comments. Be mindful of your audience as a whole.


circle back

After the live has ended, there are some actions we can take to better the experience and viewing for those catching the replay. First, re-write the description to describe best what the live covered. If you mentioned any links, other businesses, dates etc, include those in the description.

Next, you can use time stamps. If you can do this during the live, great! If not, complete this task when you rewatch the live. Put your main topics in the live description, including the time your viewers can fast forward, to catch that topic. That is the benefit of staying on topic, so you can post with confidence when that topic was covered rather than it being all over the place.

Finally, answer/acknowledge ALL of the comments that rolled in during the live. Even if you responded to their question live, there would be those who read the comments but don't watch them. Also, this is a part of building community in your group. We want to be sure that your audience is feeling heard and included.



Going live on Facebook is a fantastic way to connect with your audience beyond posting from behind a screen! They get to know you! You are a real person, with a small business, with real goals. Want to know the beauty of going live? You get better every single time!

πŸ‘‰ Join my VIP group and share your wins regarding going live or share it in the comments below. We can't wait to cheer you on!

β€œUse your fear... it can take you to the place where you store your courage.”
β€” Amelia Earhart
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