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Murder Mystery Host Tee Party Planner & Party Graphics

Murder Mystery Host Tee Party Planner & Party Graphics

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Host a wild and suspenseful murder mystery party that your guests won't soon forget!

My Murder Mystery Tee Party Planner will guide you through the steps, from crafting killer captions to drawing a winner at the end. Run a party that will keep your friends guessing until the very end!

My party planners provide a cohesive party flow from start to finish. Your guests will enjoy their time while you run a system in the background that makes running a party enjoyable for you too!

This is a 6-day party where you will draw a mystery host at the end to win a portion of all of the party sales. This purchase includes 117 graphics.

Graphics Included!

As of July 1st, 2023, all "Tee Party Planners" include the unwatermarked graphics.

The graphics are created by Queen B Graphics & Design.

Product Contents

  • 1 Google Sheet file with 1 party script
  • 1 CinchShare folder
  • 1 Party Tracker
  • Party Graphics
  • Access to to review "Tee Party Planner" tutorials (some products have their dedicated tutorials unique to the theme)

Fulfillment time

You will receive a PDF with link(s) to directly access your content. Be on the lookout for an email from "Sun Kissed VA" after you receive your order confirmation email.

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