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Product Drop Organizer Mock-Up Canva Template

Product Drop Organizer Mock-Up Canva Template

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Gain instant access to my Canva Template. This template allows you to create your mockups from scratch using the Product Drop Organizer as your guide.

Or join the Product Drop Organizer club and switch out my provided mock-ups, onesie twosie as required for your business needs.

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    Third annual comprehensive product organizer for handmade sellers

    2024 Product Drop Organizer included:

    • PDO Tutorials & Training: Learn how to use each sheet and view screen-recorded tutorials in Sun Kissed School
    • 75+ sheets optimized for printing or digital use on a computer or mobile on-the-go
    • Annual overview for God's eye view of all weekly product themes, planning vendors and 6-step checklist
    • Quarterly internal evaluation with area to plan actionable steps to achieve goals
    • Monthly view with drop down menus for monthly, weekly & daily observances to choose from
    • Weekly view to plan social media engagement themes, tee parties, product themes, Top 3 Priorities, to-do list and time blocking
    • Metrics tracker for social media and sales
    • 60xWeekly Turn Down The Hustle challenges
    • Annual & Monthly book list planner & tracker
    • 100+ categorized vendors with quick links to their website, social media & codes (as available) located in one place

    See inside last year's pDO

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I print this out?

    YES, I recommend .50 margins at the top and .25 for the sides and bottom to maximize the white space.

    Will this work if I don't sell shirts?

    If you sell a handmade item on Facebook that allows you to sell in creative themes such as Valentine's Day and Back to school.... then YES! If you still aren't sure, e-mail I would love to help you decide before buying.

    Do you have a wholesale version with a B2B timeline?

    YES, I have a modified wholesale version that has added production/lead times to stay ahead of your retail customers running this schedule on the overview tab. The remaining product is precisely the same as the retail version, so you can start with knowing exactly what your customers are running and tailoring from there.

    Once you access your PDO training in, you will see the bonus template.

    Do you offer tutorials?

    YES! After you complete your purchase, you will receive the link to the classroom where the training modules are held.

    Can I submit recommendations for the PDO or vendor names?

    ABSOLUTELY! Inside the training modules, you will find two form submission links to do just that. Review the most current PDO version within Module 1 of your training :) I would LOVE to hear your ideas and nominations.

    Is this required to join the PDO Club?

    No! New in 2024, you do not need to purchase this product to be eligible to join the club, effective Jan 1, 2024.

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